Brightest (Thurs)day – Brightest Day #8

Brightest day is a bi-weekly comic book series from DC comics which focuses on 12 heroes and villains resurrected in this year’s Green Lantern ‘Blackest Night’ crossover. In addition to the Brightest Day title, there are several other titles bearing the Brightest Day logo covering adventures related to the end of Blackest Night – more than enough to write about weekly, so that’s what we are going to do. Read on for pics, thoughts and SPOILERS on Brightest Day #8.

This week Hawkman, Hawkwoman and Martian Manhunter share the spotlight, but before we get to them we start off with Hawk, Dove and Deadman discussing the visions they saw last issue.

Hawk is understandably dubious about his mission.  He was believing that he came back to life as a warrior for God.  It must be kind of a downer to go from ‘ We’re on a mission from God’ to ‘catch a boomerang’.  Deadman seems down with mission and sets off immediately, transporting himself and Dove to find Green Lantern.  Hawk is left behind.  I’m sure that will improve his mood.

We go to the outback and Miss Martian lets Martian Manhunter into her her mind  so J’onn see what she was up against and he’ll believe that the creature who attacked her was another Green Martian.  I can see why J’onn would have a tough time believing her.  He’s thought that he was the last Green Martian for a long time.  It also appears that the New Green has some sort of parasite in her and I’m really interested to see that explained at some point.  Can the New Green be saved if that parasite is removed?  I’m thinking no, as both personalities seem pretty damn crazy.

A psychic search reveals that there is a psychic black hole at Star City, so J’onn heads that way to track down this Martian.  Hopefully he’ll run into Ollie over there.  I love to see Ollie butt heads with his JLA team mates.  I honestly haven’t seen a lot of J’onn/Ollie scenes, so I’m kind of curious.

As Hawkman gets a tour of Hawkworld he gets another demonstration of how brutal the overlords of this planet are.  They throw their slaves from the floating cities to the world below like garbage.  It’s very reminiscent of Onimar Synn’s favored method of execution in the Return of Hawkman story in JSA.  This story is really feeling like a greatest hits of Hawkman remix album.  I’m half expecting to see Byth show up here sometime.

We also get a bit of an explanation of why this story is feeling like a remix.  The Hawkworld Carter and Shiera are on now is a sort of a bridge world between Thanagar and Earth, so they have elements of each world on this one.  The Imperious Thanagarians we know are actually humans that traveled through this portal world thousands of years ago.  Johns seems to try and say that silver age villain Lion Mane was one of the Lion Men tribe Carter is hanging with now.  That doesn’t exactly jibe with Lion Man continuity (he’s more of a were-lion triggered by a meteor – I love comics), but since he is from a retconned Hawkman era, who knows.  We also get a bit of background on this Queen.  Apparently she is a human that showed up one day and took over the Manhawks and has ruled Hawkworld for two thousand years. Two thousand years seems like a long time for a human to live, though the two main characters and their antagonist in this tale have been around that long…

I’m glad they had this bit of exposition as I was starting to get annoyed at the pace of the Hawks’ section of this book.  Now I’m back in it and ready to see what’s next.

Shiera is stuck in the ‘Nth City’ fighting in some arena combat against Manhawks and Lion Men.  She’s taunted by Hath Set and we get to see his new costume and a first look at the ‘Queen Shrike’ who rules this land.  Hath Set looks like he bought his outfit at Ming the Merciless’s yard sale.  That actually works for me, though.  Hawkman owes a heck of a lot to the Flash Gordon comics, so it feels right.  Queen Shrike looks like Hawkwoman in formal wear, but I dig it.  Probably my favorite variation on the Hawk costume since Sh’ri Valkyr from the Adam Strange ‘Planet Heist’ storyline.

Hawkwoman attacks Hath Set and almost kills him when she is stopped by the Queen.

The Queen claims to be Shiera’s mother and Shiera seems to confirm this before she is knocked out.  I’m assuming the woman is Chay-ara’s mother.  She doesn’t quite look human as she has some crazy black eyes.  Not to mention she has lived for thousands of years.  I suppose they could explain both away as an effect of long term exposure to Nth Metal.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen any references to Chay-ara’s family in any of the Hawk books, so I’m curious to see that.

Pretty good issue for me as a Hawkman fanatic.  The Martian Manhunter bits seemed a little superfluous as we already knew the New Green had beaten M’gann, so I didn’t really need to see it illustrated here.

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