All New X-Men Costumes or the day Picard died a little


Let’s face it. No one likes the new costumes. They suck, they look awful, and why are the original 5 X-Men still walking around in the modern 616 with no chance of them ever going back. We already established that it is either Bendis’s fault or the fault of Marvel editorial, and so you get to take your pick on the new costumes for the old heroes.

For those needing a bit of convoluted catch up, Chris Claremont introduced time traveling and reality warping into the X-Men. Its his fault. Ever since then the whole x-verse and the 616 has been screwed up beyond belief. Brian Micheal Bendis took this convoluted world and tried to fix it multiple times over only to screw it up more. Now he’s brought the original 5 X-men back to the modern 616 to try and fix the mutant mess only to make it worse. And now? They can’t go back, due to some stupidity (future X-Men coming back in time, stopping the original 5 from going by saying they needed to go back). Yeah this is beyond silly and stupid (start Genis-vell rant).

And to top it all off? New costumes. Ones that don’t look anything like, well X-Men costumes.

Sorta. They don’t look like the original blue/black and yellow costumes, nor the New Mutant costumes or the ’90s X-Men costumes. But they do kinda jive with the Neal Adams era of the X-Men, you know, when Cyke put on blue and yellow, Marvel Girl had green and yellow, Beast had red and blue, Angel had yellow, blue and red and Iceman had… ice. These were the first colorful spandex outfits.


Enter the year 2013 and we have new outfits for the All New X-Men or time displaced original 5. And they have new costumes for their adventures. And guess what? The colors kinda match the Neal Adams version just with a modern twist. Fwooshers Grownnerd and Piffy and many others are not admirers of the new costumes, for various reasons. Huck tried to win them over by likening them to modern sports clothing. To quote GN:



Prior to modern day, sportswear were still ugly. Tracksuits get laughed at for a reason, yet during their day jocks think they were cool. Which just shows that jocks don’t have taste in any era.

And he’s not wrong. Personally I think athletes are fed, at an early age, that they are superheroes and they develop the need to look like them. Take any football quarterback from any era and tell me this isn’t true. When given the choice they try to look like Superman. Modern clothes designers are also victim of the whole thing as they are the ones dressing up the athletes to look super-heroic. It’s marketing, and we eat it up. When I asked him about what he thought would be ideal (knowing that GN has a good eye for design) Grownnerd suggested simpler is better, pointing to the Alex Ross versions (without the cheesy overcoats).


And yet I kinda like the All New X-Men costumes. I’m not certain why since I’m not a fan of busy (it makes painting customs hell) and I’m not a huge fan of white costumes, but there is something fun in these new costumes. They have that Saturday morning cartoon show feel to them. They seem to say, don’t take this too seriously, we’re having fun. I guess that’s about all one can do in this case, have fun and enjoy the cluster-fark that’s become the X-Verse.


8 thoughts on “All New X-Men Costumes or the day Picard died a little

  1. I like them enough. Though more so I just like that its the original team the main man Cyke as the leader again. (No Wolverine required)

  2. BMB is a freking hack and a half and I don’t care how many fan boys have to cry to figure that out. Dude came from Image he needs to go!!! Nuff said.

  3. I agree the costumes suck. BUT This is the best the X-books have been in ages. I’ve been reading since 1983, 1983!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I love the new costumes and I don’t really get how the writer of this post can state that “nobody likes the new costumes” at the beginning of his post and then claim that he actually likes the new costumes a few paragraphs later. Also, if having the Original X-Men walking around in the main Marvel continuity is Bendis’ fault, then “THANK YOU, Brian Michael Bendis! You rock!”

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