He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #1 (2012)

dchemanandthemastersoftheuniverseAt some point I’ll continue my review of the first 6 issues of the 2013 series, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Until then I am going to take Orion124’s suggestion and read the first series before I continue as it might shed more light on my total confusion.

Orion124 suggested that I read the 2012 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe mini seriesĀ  written by James Robinson and illustrated by Philip Tan. The series launched in September 2012 and seems to be the introduction to what is happening in the 213 series.


And I read the first issue. And so far… so good. That is to say that I am completely lost as to why Adam is a woodchucker in the woods of Eternia and why he’s having strange dreams of being He-man and really has no clue about anything. And then out of the blue Beastman is wanting to kill him since Adam has this need to move on to adventure. And with Skeletor sending out word at the end that it’s about to hit the fan and everyone needs to be informed.

First off, I’m lost. And if someone tells me there is another miniseries that I need to read first, my head will go Scanners and explode. Really.


I expect to be lost here. That’s the point of this comic crafted by the magical James Robinson. We more or less wake up with Prince Adam and nothing is what is seems. As readers, fellow travelers, we are expected to feel what Adam is feeling, confusion, a sense of where am I and what am I supposed to be doing. I kinda like it.

Being only the first issue in I’m not certain where this is going. Is this a retelling unfolding or is there something more to the events. Has Adam somehow been enchanted by Skeletor and trapped in this forest chucking wood or, is there more? I’m certain the story will unfold with further issues.

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If this is indeed a retelling, I kinda like the idea of Adam being a woodchucker. If kind of goes back to the barbarian roots in the mini comic: He-Man being a savage. In addition to making Adam more “savage” in his roots it also makes his whole medieval look make a little more sense as he is a member of this science fantasy kingdom.

As mentioned, this is only the first issue, and it is very thin from the start, there isn’t much more than imagery to lure the reader in. I’m lured.

I harped on quite a bit about the traditional vs modern costumes and I’m not totally turned off. The traditional costume elements are there in the costumes and they aren’t terrible. I could do without the whole small bits of scale-mail here and there. It looks kinda… cheap burlesque. I feel like Cher is about to bust out and start singing when I see the scale-mail bits. But then I’m a semi traditionalist (yes VeeBee the 200x costumes are traditional!) when it comes to Masters of the Universe looks. Truth is, so far, the costumes are all right. The characters look like they should. Although I think I saw Teela sporting the whole battle bikini, and I am not a fan.

All in all, this is a good issue and if the rest of the series progresses along in this positive pattern I will be a happy camper. If any of you decide to chime in and tell me there are more backstories that I need to read, I’ll send Robokillah after you with a Rochambeau you won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

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