Marvel’s Thor God of Thunder


If you aren’t reading this series then why not? I’m not always a huge fan of Thor comics; I often grow tired of the old English and the over the top stories, the ones dealing with the greater cosmos or the Norse mythologies being more interesting than those of him battling supervillains. The old Kirby stuff is fantastic in the literal sense often taking science fantasy to whole new levels.

Scribe Jason Aaron clearly has a good sense of Thor, the mythology and what he wants to do with this series. And it is a great series. Esad Ribic brings Aaron’s story telling in some of the best comic book artwork I’ve seen in ages. Beautiful watercolor-esque art brings the science and fantasy in a cosmos that is majestic in all it’s aspects.

The story thus far (and keep in mind that I am behind) is about Gorr the God Killer, a spurned alien creature that decides to kill the pantheon of gods in the Marvel Universe. And he does so in style! Going after Thor in the past present and future. Making him suffer for an injury incurred when Thor attacked him with Jarnbjorn.


Ahh Jarnbjorn, the new weapon in Thor’s arsenal. It’s an axe that he is wielding during his stay amongst the Vikings and it is oh so powerful. It is a god killer and as we’ve seen in Uncanny Avengers, capable of killing a Celestial. This amazing device and it’s introduction raises many questions, especially as Thor is never seen wielding an axe in Marvel Comics or Norse mythology. Thor always wields Mj√∂lnir, the hammer, and while Marvel isn’t one to one with Norse mythology, they’ve been true to the hammer wielding characterization. So why is Thor wielding an axe?

The three Thors arc is fantastic. It’s a great way to bring them together and it is an even better way to further develop the character. Show us as he was in the past or a past. Again the axe is something that hasn’t been explained and has no continuity with the current Marvel Universe history. But a little retconning can be cool when handled well. And so far I am not disappointed. And future Thor is simply awesome. Granted he probably won’t last long as Thor will get his past present and future sorted, but I like future Thor for what he can be. And Aaron is making him perfect! Present Thor is also entertaining, specially when placed against the past and present.

I know I’ve been bashing Brian Micheal Bendis and his use of time travel in All New X-Men and it is a mess over there. It’s always been a mess over there in the X-Verse. Thor’s time travel is more balanced and well thought out. There is a beginning and there will be an end. It’s not a forced story of let’s go get past Thor to talk to present Thor since future Thor thinks he’s an ass. The three are being brought together for a reason, for a purpose. Not some whim of a blue furred mutant that’s trying to make a last right.


Aaron’s also created a whole population (dwindling rapidly) for us to learn and know. Cosmic gods, cosmic pantheons. The introduction of the God of Bombs and the God of this and that. Fantastic. New. Fresh. And Gorr. What a fantastic character. I know that I mentioned I didn’t need to know his past but since that origin his past has really made the character all the more sinister.

Of all the comics that I am currently reading on a weekly basis, this is the one that I cannot wait for, and neither should you. Run to your local comic shop or digital provider and pick this title up today.

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