Digger T Mesch and I came into contact with one another this fall and started discussing some his newer projects. As many know Digger is a bit of star in the action figure and statue community as the founder of Art Asylum in 1996. Art Asylum was one of the more important design houses being involved with Toy Biz Marvel properties. Many people will know one of their original properties Mini-Mates which lives on today.


These days Digger is all about Hollywood and Comics, producing, directing, acting in movies and writing comics. Working with Kevin Eastman on an upcoming documentary, and his own film, project Digger is a busy man. He pointed me to The Other Dead his comic with Eastman and I decided to give it a read.

As with any comic you need to get through an arc to figure out what is going on. What I will say is that The Other Dead will be interesting at best. I can’t quite figure out if I am supposed to be grossed out, horrified, or laughing my ass off in the Evil Dead 2 way. The Other Dead focuses on the impact of a zombie apocalypse, but one that affects animals and not humans. So far. So seeing a flock of zombie ducks or zombie Bambi running at you leaves you with, well, the need to laugh. It’s like watching Bad Taste or BrainDead unfold before you in comic form. Part of you is disgusted, disturbed and yet on the floor laughing as a zombie duck brigade is in full swing, bearing down you.


The art is good. It’s been a while since I’ve sat down and enjoyed a gory horror comic; for some reason I skipped The Walking Dead series. The last horror related comic I read was the Resident Evil titles. In terms of gore and suspense this stacks up. The art is clean and the colors are vibrant. Makes the whole zombie Bambi really unsettling.

As I said it’s the first issue and it’s tough to know where this is going. But Digger is passionate about it and urges me to read on. And I will.