He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #2 (2012)

Something is afoot. While I was under the impression that this little tale was a retelling, so far I’m starting to think otherwise. It would seem that our heroes are under some sort of evil spell of Skeletor who seems to have taken over the universe. And this all falls into place at the end when Adam is saved by Teela and her acknowledgement that she and Adam know each other.


My question at this point: is this a retelling or are we in the middle of a world where Skeletor won some sort of battle and imprisoned the heroes of Eternia in a forget spell or something else? My interest in uncovering more of the story is peaked and I promise to continue reading.

I’m still not crazy about the costume designs. They aren’t traditional or 200x, rather they’re something new. In that I am doing my best to accept them. They aren’t a huge departure from either of the aforementioned designs, but I have to ask why change anything? My answer is to keep reading and I am certain that this question will be answered.

I’ll go out and say I’m hooked, even though the costumes don’t grab me 100%, the story is grabbing me. I’ll finish up this series over the next few months and then restart on the new series from this year.